All You Need To Know About Matching Family Swimsuits

Any parent knows that your kids don’t stay little for long. So, while they’re still young enough that mom and dad have a say in what they wear, why not enjoy a trip to the beach in matching family swimsuits. Read on to check all you need to know about matching family swimsuits.

Part 1. How is COVID-19 Changing Summer Plans

Part 2. Why Choose Matching Family Swimsuits

Part 3. Matching Swimsuit Trends of 2021

Part 4. What to Consider When Buying Matching Family Swimsuits


Part 1. How is COVID-19 Changing Summer Plans?

Before COVID-19 hits, a trip to the beach was the go-to family getaway. But, when most of the world were asked to stay home, many families discovered they enjoyed the extra time with their children. In the long run, the pandemic ended up affecting peoples’ idea about enjoying summer. Though being asked to stay home, some still prefer playing with their family in the backyard inflatable swimming pool.

ChildAngle Blog How Covid 19 Affects Summer Plans

Part 2. Why Choose Matching Family Swimsuits

If you’ve seen and admired other families splashing around looking like they belong together, it’s time to bring your own crew together for the fun of it. Besides being just plain fun, here are a few practical reasons for choosing matching swimwear:

ChildAngle Blog Matching Family Outfit Photography Fun

1. It Makes For Some Great Pictures
Matching family swimsuit is great to wear not only for swimming, but also for beach activities and for photos. Family beach pictures are stunning and a great memory of a happy vacation. Photographers know that to keep things looking great means making sure everyone is in the same or similar colors and patterns. Since you’re already on the beach, matching suits are a fast and easy way to look like you belong together in the photograph. A uniform look works well to capture some beautiful memorable pictures.

2. Nobody Gets Lost
One of the top tips for taking a trip to Disney World, for instance, is to dress the entire family in matching outfits. The reason is both fun and practical. Since there are so many people in this vast public vacation spot, it is easy to get separated. When you are all wearing the same color, however, it’s easier to quickly spot a runaway child.

It may not be Disney, but the beach can become very crowded quickly as well. Wearing matching suits makes it easy to spot your kiddos as they run along the shore or for strangers to know right away that they belong with you.

3. Saves Money
Buying matching family swimsuits can save you money. Purchasing several swimsuits as a set at the same time is great on the family budget. And, if you buy them online, you also save on shipping cost since they offer free shipping or free shipping for certain order amount.

4. It’s Just Plain Fun to Match As a Family
It is time to have as much fun as a family as you can pack into vacation time. Enjoy your kids while they’re still small enough that they want to spend time with mom and dad. A lot of younger kids even want to match their parents. Some may even ask for a matching swimsuit.

Part 3. Matching Swimsuit Trends of 2021

Take these ideas to the beach with the hottest matching family swimsuit trends of 2021. Here are some of the cutest trends this year:

1. Tie Dye
Tie-dye used to live in our summer memories. It is a come back from the 90s, it continuing getting trending during this quarantine. Especially swimwear. Whether you are packing for a beach trip or hanging in your backyard inflatable pool, you gotta get your tie dye matching family swimsuit.

2. Animal Prints
Leopard or cheetah prints is the current trend. Look for families wearing animal prints in either one-piece or bikini with matching trunks for the males? The newest prints aren’t limited to browns and blacks, either. Some come in blues, pink, and a variety of other options.

3. Florals
It may conjure up images of Hawaii, and they never seem to go out of style. Floral prints or tropical palm leaves makes a great choice that looks fantastic on all members of the family, including the boys.

4. Block of Colors
Color-block patterns are nice because the design uses one color with a contrasting color and sometimes adds white. Everyone matches, but the blocked color element adds a unique flair that keeps it from being one boring swath of the same color.

5. Tankini, One-Piece, or Ruffles
Tankinis for the girls or one-piece suits are a popular trend this year. Mom and daughters are opting for either one-piece or ageless ruffled tops that look good on little girls and mamas alike. Some designs give mom a more mature neckline while her daughters do the same fabric in a more childlike cut.

6. Shades of Blue
Blue in a variety of hues, from light to dark, is very popular this year as well. The color of water offers a cooling look in a shade that looks great on almost everybody. Almost any pattern can be done in blue as well, from wave designs to palm trees.

Part 4. What to Consider When Buying Matching Family Swimsuits

1. Washable and Durable

It’s a good idea to get suits that are machine washable and made for style and durability. You don’t want them to fade after the first time out or start to fall apart while swimming or showing off a high dive.

2. Sizing
Sizing for family sets usually start in infant sizing and goes up to about a size XL. Sometimes you can find slightly larger child sizes, but often the child sizes don’t go beyond sizes for children 12 years of age or older.

Know the sizes that best fit each family member. Measure, and compare the specific sizing chart of the suits you are wanting. Every designer is going to vary as to how the actual size fits. If you or any family member tends to be on the chubby side, always go with the size up.

3. Looks Good on Everyone
The number one rule of thumb is to find a style that you like. If it looks good on everyone, it’s a win-win. If you tend to be modest, go with a one-piece or even a rashgard that zips up to the neck and has a bit of a sleeve.

If you prefer wearing a two-piece, choose a matching set that looks great and appropriate on both mom and daughter. Some designs add a hint of ruffles across the top that flatters a wide range of ages and body types.

Browse our wide selection of matching family swimwear. Find matching swimsuits for babies, kid boys, girls as well as moms and dads. Most of all, relax and have fun with your family knowing that you’re making some great memories while looking like you all belong together.