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Where to Put Baby Monitor: 5 Places to Avoid Installing Baby Video Monitor

Quick Q&As: Q: What to Consider Before Mounting A Baby Monitor?A: Your children’s health and safety as well as the viewing angle.Q: Where to Put Baby Monitor?A: Mounting on the wall, placing on a shelf or furniture are popular options but the best placement depends on whether you are raising a newborn or a toddler. Read on to learn all you need on how to put baby monitors in the nursery... Table of Content Part 1. How to Use a Baby Monitor Safely Part 2. 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Putting Baby Monitor Part 3. Where to Put Baby Monitor in Nursery? Part 4. Best Baby Monitor Placement for Newborns VS Toddlers Takeaway As a parent, you need to work...

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How to Remove Deep Boogers (out of Babies Nose)

Snot trapped bacteria, dust, virus and pollen and dry out as a booger. Booger stop bacteria from entering your body. Outer boogers will be released while sneezing while deeper boogers can be remove to make your baby feel better. This article shows you how to remove deep boogers safely.

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